Guided Trips

Paragliding is a trip - come join us!

Northern Glide offers tours to some of the most spectacular paragliding destinations on earth. Our locations are chosen based on a few factors; conditions that will allow us to fly consistently, a culture that’s rich and scenery that’s bound to blow your mind.

From the towering sand dunes of Chile to the volcanic backdrops of the Islands of Spain, every site has its magic, every flight pushes new limits. We want to take you there. 

Norther Glide adventure tour ‘teams’ are limited to 6-8 people, guaranteeing you will get the most out of each trip. We provide radio coaching to constantly improve your flying skills. Your small team of pilots will become your community for the tour, looking out for each other and celebrating every new accomplishment.

Our tour packages include all transportation, accommodation, guiding and coaching. From airport pickup, to shuttle up to launch and retrieval after those epic XC’s, we take care of the logistics so you can focus on what you love most: chasing airtime at cloudbase.

Northern Glide’s certified instructors will travel with you on every trip so you always have an experienced coach with radio guidance at every new launch site. Your first few flights in new terrain can be intimidating. We’re there to make sure you’re not alone. Upon arrival, we’ll also connect you with our local partners for a lay of the land and suggestions on where to go to celebrate the epic flights of the day. Our partnerships guarantee you the best experience both in the air and on the ground. 

Northern Glide also offers advanced tours connect you with certified SIV instructors and master Cross Country coaches to give you and edge and boost your flying skills in a short period of time. These tours are designed for intermediate-advanced pilots looking to gain confidence by increasing their skills at piloting a wing in strong and turbulent conditions.

If you have any questions about which tour is right for you, get in touch. 

Come fly with us!