Our Pilots

Name: Adam Chappell

Position: Owner, Sales, Fulfillment 

Experience: P4 Pilot

Background: Passionate Acro Pilot flying paramotor or paraglider daily!

I came from a background in adventure sports. My first love was whitewater kayaking. Being the driven person that I am, after paddling hard for several years, I made the Canadian National Team and became the Canadian National Champion in 2013. I continued kayaking for several more years, but I felt that I had done as much as I could within the sport, so now I only kayak occasionally. 

I started paragliding in early 2018 and was instantly hooked! Once again, my focus and hard work has led to my rapid progress in the sport. Paragliding has been my most exciting adventure yet and one in which the learning will never end, I’m sure!

Name: Benoît Brunet Poirier 

Position: Test Pilot, Instructor, Bilingual Sales

Experience: P4 Pilot

Benoît Brunet Poirier started flying in 2015. He initially got in the sport of Speedflying and Speedriding in France, where he learned. Speedflying was a means of descending from alpine and rock climbs he ventured on.

Shortly after, it became apparent that paragliding was more adapted to Eastern Canada, for getting more air time. He switched over and found his true passion: Cross Country flying. In recent years, he has been a very active pilot, averaging between 100h and 150h a year. His passion for freeflight has taken him to multiple destinations: Western Canada, France, Tenerife, Mexico and Morrocco among them. Recently, he went through the certification process with the Hanggliding and Paragliding Assosciation of Canada (HPAC) to become an instructor and a Tandem pilot.

Benoit is passionate, bordering on obsession by paragliding. There is nothing he desires more than sharing this passion with others and helping the community of pilots grow, in a safe and fun way. He sincerely believes that every flight is a unique opportunity to learn, both for the pilot and onlookers. Above all, he preaches patience and safety, both for his own flying, as well as that of his friends and students.


Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco

I’m an experienced paragliding pilot with, an extensive travel log and an addiction to sky crack. I’ve explored paragliding sites in Chile, Ecuador, France, Morocco, Mexico, the Canary Islands, Canada and the USA. I’ve been backpacking since childhood, getting my first taste of adventure travelling with my mother across 26 countries - some of them active war zones - since the age of three. I’m fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

My background as a martial artist and a competitive bike messenger have taught me to weigh risk and make calculated decisions. It’s a philosophy I incorporate into my teaching and to every flight I take before my feet leave the ground. 

Paragliding is my biggest passion and one I love to share with anyone wanting to learn. My philosophy on paragliding is: keep it safe, keep it fun and never stop learning. 

The thing I love most about this crazy sport is the global community of pilots and our shared lust for the sky. I hope you’ll come join us at cloudbase. It’s an experience that’s truly out of this world!