We are your portal to the skies. Our team of certified pilots are here for one shared goal: to fulfill your dreams of flight and open the doors to the world of aerial exploration. From your first introduction to kiting a wing to your first run into the sky and beyond, we’re here to guide you safely, each step of the way.

  We are coaches, instructors, mentors and friends. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be an independent pilot, so you can spread your wings. We’re your first step in connecting to a community of pilots joined by a shared desire to explore the world from cloudbase.

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Doing it by the book

Paragliding in Canada is overseen by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC). Transport Canada allows us to be a self-regulated piloting community. So long as HPAC rules are followed, our sport will remain one of the freest forms of flight. HPAC membership provides all pilots in Canada with $5 million in liability insurance.

Our beginner program will take you from ground-school, to full independent flight in a safe environment, tailored to your own progression. You’ll go from learning how to read weather and maneuver your wing safely on the ground, to experiencing your first “lift-off” off a small toboggan hill, to soaring our local hills with radio-guidance as a certified HPAC pilot. From there, surrounded by the support of our tight-knit community of pilots, the possibilities are endless.

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Pilots Making this possible

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Adam Chappell


My day job is running my two businesses Northern Glide as well as Diesel Rover, a Land Rover parts store and repair shop.  Paragliding has been my most exciting adventure yet and one in which the learning will never end,

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Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco

Instructor And Tandem Pilot

My background as a martial artist and a competitive bike messenger have taught me to weigh risk and make calculated decisions. It’s a philosophy I incorporate into my teaching and to every flight I take before my feet leave the ground.

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Benoît Brunet Poirier

Instructor And Tandem Pilot

Benoît Brunet Poirier started flying in 2015. He initially got in the sport of Speedflying and Speedriding in France, where he learned. Speedflying was a means of descending from alpine and rock climbs he ventured on.