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3 years in the making, the SORA 2 benefits from improved performance and steering precision.
Just like the SORA, it is aimed at tandem professionals and was developed for intensive use.


Category : Tandem

Size : 38 / 42

Colours : Earth / Ocean / Fluor / Fire

Weight : 7,1kg (size 38) / 7,5kg (size 42)



The SORA 2 retains its exceptional inflation and landing characteristics and offers precise steering abilities. With very few pitch oscillations in turbulent air masses, the SORA 2 prevents the pilot from early exhaustion and provides the passenger with an even more enjoyable flying experience !

It took 3 years to our glider development team to the SORA 2. Key improvements : internal structure, greater landing/take-off characteristics and unwavering glider behaviour for a greater feeling of safety for the passenger.

Slightly firmer handling offers more precise steering characteristics than the SORA. The improved internal structure and the use of Sharknose technology allow less wing distortion in thermals.

Nitinol reinforcements, thoroughly placed, guarantee excellent sustainability of the glider’s performance and inflation features over time.

The SORA 2 also comes with improved risers.


SORA 2 38 42
Cells 54 54
Flat surface area (m²) 38 42
Span (m) 14,3 14,9
Max chord (m) 3,31 3,46
Flat aspect ratio 5,35 5,35
Number of main lines 3/3/3/2 3/3/3/2
Projected surface area (m²) 31,9 34,8
Projected span (m) 11,1 11,6
Projected aspect ratio 3,8 3,85
Glider weight (kg) 7,1 7,5
Flying weight range (kg) 110-190 120-220
Optimal flying weight range (kg) 120-170 150-190
Load factor 4,34 4,34
Scale factor 0,92 1
Certification EN – LTF B EN – LTF B
Number of risers 4 4